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Focused Retreats Private And Semi-Private

Our focused retreats, while providing the opportunity for some of the activities above, also provide time for private and semi-private session times to explore life issues and anything that might be holding you back from creating the life you want, as well as coaching you into jump-starting that life. You will be given journaling assignments and have the opportunity for self-reflection. Learning by doing, being and sharing are all a part of the methodology of spending time together. Creativity and service are encouraged and you are welcome to pick a special project to focus on. Special consideration is given to writers and artists.

Weight Loss, Healing And Cleansing Retreats

Supervised fasting on fresh organic fruit juices, broths, healing teas and nutritional shakes, is painless in an atmosphere of such beauty and pleasure. Laugh, play, detox and feel great with rainforest herbs, sea salt baths, natural clay, gentle exercise, lymphatic drainage massage, aromatherapy, wraps and scrubs, and therapeutic support or coaching as needed. Select from our adventures tours and balance activity with reflective time overlooking the view from the wicker rockers on our wonderful porch.

Healing In Nature Women's Retreat

Imagine a week in a warm natural paradise in February with a group of wonderful women. Imagine taking a much-needed respite to heal body, mind and spirit in a breathtaking setting over looking the Gulf of Nicoya. Take in the awareness of the awakened breath with morning and evening yoga. Gain knowledge of "food as medicine" through natural foods cooking classes and nutritional consultation. Break through your barriers in "Healing Your Life" classes. All this and more takes its place among optional adventures in nature which may include: hiking trails, horseback riding, a trip to the beach, sailing, hot-air ballooning, a trip to Bird Island, a trip to a 200-year-old sugar cane processing mill, and a wildlife preserve. Pamper yourself with optional massage, healings, facials, sea salt-scrubs, and manicures/pedicures. You are guaranteed to return a new woman!

Living In Love Couples' Retreat

The three secrets to a successful relationship are

  1. Communication, which includes deep listening and truth telling as well as knowing what we want and being able to communicate it self-responsibly
  2. Unconditional acceptance, honor and respect, and
  3. the day-by-day Choice to love, discover your beloved anew, and prioritize that love. These guiding priciples will help you fill your life with love.

This program is not only about love in relationship, it is the love we carry within our hearts, perhaps hidden beneath layers of defense longing to emerge. It is about the love that surrounds us always, even though our calluses may prevent us from feeling it. You will learn to embody the radiant being you already truly are and become a magnet for the love that is your birthright.

These retreats are lead by Cia Ricco, author of Living As If Your Life Depended On It, the chapter titles of which include Claim Responsibility, Accept What Is, Harness the Power of Choice, and Develop a Tolerance for Joy.

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