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Intensives, Mentorships, Retreats

Please join me for this very special growth opportunity in the beautiful setting of my ranch in Costa Rica. Whether your focus is on intensive personal growth work, mentoring on any aspect of life and work, choosing the next steps for where to go with your life, or a creative retreat, we will live, work, study, and play together. This type of in-depth work is available for stays of anywhere from one to three months. Pricing is based on the amount of focused sessions, even though the “work” continues through-out the day and the various activities in which we will share, plus lodging and food. Take advantage of “casual” time with me at no additional cost to you. Together we will explore all the gateways of a life that works and live those principles. You will be given personal assignments and journaling work while with me to further your explorations and intensions. Prices include optional free participation in any workshops I may be leading during your stay with me, horseback riding and other ranch activities. If you come with a rental car, my Costa Rican son will be happy to be your tour guide for trips to the beach and other eco-tours. Tours have a small additional cost associated.


FOCUSED SESSION TIME: (please note that the price will be divided between the number of people participating if you choose to come at a time when there is another person or people here and are willing to do some shared sessions) The below prices apply whether you are here for a weekend or a month. $100 per hour for the first five hours
$75 for the following 10 hours
$50 per hour subsequently
A minimum of 3.5 hours per week is required.

LODGING AND MEALS: (Please note that work exchange is available for those unable to afford the cost of lodging and meals. For four hours a day of work, your cost of lodging and meals will be cut in half. Also note, you may be responsible for additional lodging expenses if you choose to travel during your time in Costa Rica.)
For one- month stays: $3000 single occupancy with private bath.
$2500 single occupancy with shared hall bath
$2000 double occupancy with private bath for the two of you (when available)
$1500 double occupancy with shared hall bath (when available)
For days in excess of one month: $50 per night single occupancy. $35 per night double occupancy, when available. This will be in whatever room you have selected above.

During your stay with me, I will go about my life as normal, which may include a relationship. My time is likely to include sessions with clients, work on the computer and by phone, gardening, shopping, and entertainment and you may join me for much of it if you choose. I also acknowledge that I have health challenges and, while generally healthy, my physical stamina is periodically limited. I will experience the ordinary pleasures and stresses of life and my reactions thereto. There is nothing about my life, my reactions, or my behavior that will be a taboo topic for discussions. It is my choice to be as I am, with no pretense, and in so doing to model authenticity, integrity, and the practice of the Gateways. You will be entitled to ask any and all questions during the normal course of our time together regarding my choices. You are empowered to create the time to do so outside of focused session time.


  1. Email me with your prospective dates and your intention(s) for your stay. I will email you back with my availability and suggestions for the best way to fulfill your intention(s).
  2. Once we have confirmed dates and the cost of your lodging (not applicable for work exchanges), mail a deposit consisting of any lodging cost plus a $350 deposit toward session time to: Cia Ricco, PO box 449, Hillsdale, NY 12529. Confirm with me by email to let me know that you have done this.
  3. Once you have paid, I will provide you with any further details you will need, such as suggestions on what to bring, directions, etc.

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