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Tours must be booked at least 48 hours in advance.
Leave Costa Rica with spectacular photos from each tour.


Mountains, Orchids, Birds and Waterfall
Take your time to explore this extraordinary Reserve.


Discover amazing scenery accessible only by horse or on foot. Explore hidden trails,
former house sites and places off the beaten path. Enjoy a gourmet lunch in our own
special picnic spot and return at your own pace. Include the half-day Sugar-Cane tour
with riding or a full day package.


Visit Bird Island and swim among many species of sea birds. Visit the large Island of Chira,
seen in the distance from our ranch. Support the islandís womenís co-op, enjoying a delicious
meal at their restaurant. Take an optional bike tour or explore some of the smaller islands
in the Gulf instead. Approx. 25 minute drive.

Benefit local Ticos. See both Sugar-Cane processing and the Fair Trade Coffee Co-Op Tour
(see half-day tours). Add a hike to one of the many nearby rivers. Enjoy a picnic lunch
and dinner at a typical Costa Rican Restaurant. Youíll have a chance to buy local jewelry
or to stop at the inspirational organic garden, all at a bargain price.

Explore a variety of trails and caves in this vast, nearly 1000 acre, park.
Walk ďon the surface of the moonĒ as you traverse atop an enormous system linking multiple
miniature caves. Take your time. Rest at spectacular look-out points with astounding Gulf
views. Snacks and drinks included. Restaurant meal available. Approx. 40-minute drive.
*Rent horses taking you most of the way

This is a longer day trip for the serious nature lover and avid bird watcher.
Located in the back waters of the Tempisque River, which empties into the Gulf of Nicoya,
the park and refuge are unique; birds and other wildlife abound. It is covered with
verdant marshlands and is the breeding ground many creatures unseen elsewhere
a paradise for waterfowl. Annually, thousands of migratory birds use the refuge as their
breeding grounds. Includes a picnic lunch. We will stop on the way home for dinner
at a local Restaurant.

Another long day trip, a visit to this volcano is a memorable experience. Unlike the
popular tourist attraction Arenal, this Volcano is preferred by locals. Less glamorous
perhaps, because it spews volcanic ash rather than lava. The ash has a sulfuric smell
that may be difficult for some. Volcano Rincon de Viejo produces rich natural hot springs
and hot mud baths well known for their healing properties. The Cara Blanca or Capuchin Monkey
and other wildlife inhabit this park in abundant numbers. Picnic lunch included. Dinner
will be at a Restaurant on your way home. [Price not included.]


Prices are based on a full day. We pack the towels and drinks. Subtract $20 from the base price
for a long half day, leaving in the afternoon and returning at night. Enjoying dinner
out on the way back at an excellent restaurant is optional and not included.
Unlike the crowded tourist beaches further north on the Nicoya Peninsula, our beaches, an hourís
drive away, are either unpopulated or sport a balance of locals and tourists. Your choices:
Playa Bejuco This beach is generally deserted, there are no buildings to be seen, and the scenery
is truly awe-inspiring. My favorite time to go is sunset, when there are no sounds but the waves.
You can lose yourself in the beauty of nature, sun and sea. Surf tends to be a little stronger
here than at the beaches below.

Punta Islita
Only a 45-minute drive from Rancho Ricco, Hotel Punta Islita is a world-class resort known by travel magazines and tourist associations worldwide as committed to sustainable and responsible tourism. Most foreign-owned luxury hotels in Costa Rica contribute little to neighboring communities; the Costa Rican architect/owner of this resort transformed an impoverished out-of-the-way village
into an art museum in its own right by providing arts education to locals. There is a gift shop at
their museum store and tours of the hotel. Luxury spa services are also available for our use.

Playa San Miguel
Playa San Miguel offers the best of both worlds. The public beach has a restaurant/bar for your comfort and enjoyment. Down the beach is the mouth of a river which empties into the sea. This special spot, as yet undiscovered by tourists (itís Mauricioís favorite), allows a choice of calm bathing in the riverís waters or jumping into the waves only a few meters away.

Playa Samara
Want something a little more touristy? Playa Samara is the perfect balance. Locals sell their wares on the beach at good prices. There is plenty of gift shopping, restaurants of all sorts and smoothie bars. You can usually see the locals riding their horses along the beach; they are happy to rent you a ride. Surfing lessons or renting surf or boogie boards are available.

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