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Educational, Intercultural, And Community Service Opportunities

Healing Herbs Of Costa Rica

Learn to identify the fascinating wealth of Costa Rican herbs and understand their properties during this half-day experience with an elder woman of San Rafael whose indigenous heritage has given her an extensive knowledge of the characteristics of various herbs. She will bring samples of an assortment of herbs and explain their fascinating uses. This will be followed by your choice of an herb hike, a spa service using the natural organic ingredients (at and additional fee) or practice preparing and making infusions, tinctures, oils, vinegars, or honeys to preserve the beneficial qualities of the herbs. Leave with something to take home. These preparations may be used with wild herbs from the US as well and we can discuss those herbs and their uses if there is an interest.

The Power Of Micro-Financing

Learn the inspiring story of the Women’s Communal Bank of San Rafael and how it has transformed our town and the women in it. Learn why micro-financing is being discovered as a powerful way of transforming rural communities and was the subject of a Nobel Prize last year. Meet with and interview the women of the bank and hear their stories. Request the opportunity to invest and earn 9% interest on your money if you desire. The full fee for this opportunity will go a donation to the beneficial work of the bank. Approximately 2 hours.

Art And/Or Jewelry Making Using Natural Materials

A local artist or artists will demonstrate the use of natural materials such as coconut shells, gourds, seeds, wood and shells to create a very special remembrance of your time in Costa Rica.


Horse Whispering ~ Gentling The Colts

Spend some very special time bonding with young horses, feeding taming and calming them, and beginning their training if desired.

Reforestation And Eco-Tourism

This 2-6 day program is an immersion course in the urgency for reforestation and eco-tourism. Learn why these are essential to Costa Rica and to our Planet and how you can help the cause. Become part of a symposium of rural coffee and food co-ops, the Ministry of Environment, the Ministry of Agriculture, Teachers and School Groups to begin or assist the development of various sustainable projects. Enjoy some of our eco-tours. Leave your mark on Costa Rica by planting a tree in your own name. Become a spokesperson for eco-tourism and fair trade if desired.

Community Service

This 2-5 day program will give you an opportunity to get to the know the people and needs of a small rural community in Costa Rica. Help create a park for the town and school, repair the church, or bring gifts and joy to children and/or to the elderly. You will enjoy the warmth, gratitude and sharing of many eager recipients. Your fee will go to cover the costs of materials and a dinner for townspeople.

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