Rancho Ricco

"The Real Costa Rica"
When You're Ready to Make Your Dreams Come True

Discovering the Self through Nature
Children on the Autism Spectrum with their Families
Children Ages 7-16

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An opportunity for children with Autism and an adult caretaker to experience the wonders of Costa Rica and our 200 acre farm. We have horses, cows, goats, chickens, dogs and a cat. Our farm and the magnificence of Costa Rica's varied and beautiful habitat will furnish healing for the special sensory-processing challenges children on the Spectrum face. Participants who are willing and able will have the option to learn how to horse-whisper to gentle young horses, approach and sooth a horse to prepare for riding, and experience the joy and responsibility of caring for a particular animal. Through a program oriented to each individual and his/her adult caretaker, we will provide opportunities to relax and re-create, experience and interact with the farm animals and take part in art, music and game activities.

We are aware of the needs of children with autism and provide one staff member for each participant. This will enable participants, staff, and caretakers to work together efficiently to ensure a positive, interesting and restful time during our program.

Unless otherwise requested, all food will be gluten-free and dairy free, without preservatives, chemicals or bleached sugar. All special diets honored.

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